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I am currently senior lecturer in Mathematics at Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale and I am conducting my research in the laboratory Laboratoire de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées Joseph Liouville within the team Algèbre, Dynamique et Arithmétique (ADA).

I completed my PhD thesis on Dynamics of operators on Grassmannians in the Laboratoire de Mathématiques de l'Université Blaise-Pascal de Clermont-Ferrand within the team Probability, Analysis and Statistics under the supervision of Frédéric Bayart and I defended on 3rd December, 2013.

My research work is mainly concerned with Linear Dynamics and Functional Analysis.

I am a member of the board of MATh.en.JEANS which is a non-profitmaking organisation making pairings between researchers and groups of pupils. The aim is to let pupils work on research problems to discover Mathematics in a different way.

I am also a member of the board of directors of ELO which is a non-profitmaking organisation aiming at organising school trips and linguistic summer camps in different foreign countries (U.K., U.S., Australia, Ireland, Spain, Germany). We also organise exchanges between French schools and English-speaking schools all around the world to enable students to travel and discover other cultures and languages. If you are interested, you can contact me to be informed of our concrete actions.

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